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We want to welcome you to a new adventure. The lifestyle is often considered "Taboo" and many people don't understand what it's all about. Well you have come to the right spot! Bringing the lifestyle mainstream has been a long time goal for us. 

What is the "Lifestyle"? When used in mainstream culture, most people think of latest fashion trends but the lifestyle is a term used to convey the adventurous  intimate practices of couples & singles that enjoy recreational play with other consenting adults. Technically they are known as swingers but there are many different terms and aspects of the lifestyle. Our lifestyle events will take you on a pleasure seeking adventure. Let's see how far you are able to expand your relationships in and out of the lifestyle. 

Our Expert Organizers


Hi, we are Dell & Britt and we have been together for 7 years. We have gone through all stages of our relationship in the lifestyle. We met online, started as friends with benefits, moved to dating, got engaged, blended our families and got married. No matter what stage you are in within your own relationship we truly hope you find something on our page to take it to the next level. Our first adventure was at a local adult lifestyle club. We quickly fell in love with the idea of the lifestyle but we had to keep everything discreet as we were both successful professionals in our daily lives. Over the years we learned a lot within the lifestyle and it enhanced our relationship in ways we never imagined. We are excited to share everything we have learned in our journey. 

You can find us on Fetlife

Trifecta VIP- Faciliating your Fantasties

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